I say ‘though’ so much.

gouyukai asked: how's tanaka doing?

he’s with E right now if you want to know though

…I should start that essay too.

Anonymous asked: Have you met jus and tia? (Im not sure if thats their canon name haha)

If you’re talking about those two, yeah, I “met” them. I don’t really know them too well. They were having a pretty heated conversation though.

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Anonymous asked: Do you like cute things?


I don’t think you understand how much, Anon-san.

[Continuation of previous ask.]

Anonymous asked: if yamaguchi and tanaka swapped clothes would anyone be able to tell them apart?



… I guess not? Haha. E tried really hard on the claw machine, by the way. He never got the plush, though.

Anonymous asked: I heard Tanaka want to marry you

I mean, we still have our youth…

Aaah, I wonder what Tanaka is…

Anonymous asked: Hey there Yama-chan~! are you planning on getting halloween costumes this year? How about Tanaka? if you're free maybe we can do a little party for October 30th! - Azuma [[guess who kodoku bby]]


(( sorry this is traditional;; tablet still broken! !))